Eyebrow : they are brothers, not twin (Milani Stay Put Brow Color)

There is a joke that crossed my mind every time i heard about drawing eyebrows.

Don’t do any harm to female’s eyebrows if you still want to live

Yup eyebrows for most women is soooo essential. You can’t go out of the house if your eyebrow doesn’t thick enough. Well, please be thankful for you who has a natural thick eyebrows, because you do not have to bother, put out more effort to take “how-to-drawing-your-eyebrows” classes 😛

There are so many products in the market that can be used to draw your amazing eyebrows. I did a products review called NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in previous posts.… Read More

Review : LA Girl Beauty Brick Nudes and NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Old man said:

Eyes are the window to the soul

So keep your eyes pop-up is a basic thing to do. Women like to coloring the face including the eyes. Eyeshadow and eyebrow are weapons for your eyes. Many types of eyeshadow and eyebrow that you can choose. Today eyeshadow with natural colors are more preferred, nearly all cosmetic brand issued a series of natural makeup from lipstick up to eyeshadow. LA Girl Beauty Brick is one of them. As for my eyebrow, I currently in love with a products from NYX which is NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.

dynamite duo

dynamite duo

LA Girl is actually issued four types of eyeshadow collection which are:

  1. Smoky
  2. Ultra
  3. Nudes
  4. Neons
LA Girl Beauty Brick collection

LA Girl Beauty Brick collection

Smoky, Ultra, Nudes and Neons

Smoky, Ultra, Nudes and Neons

While NYX issued 6 for eyebrow color variations which are:

  1. Black / Grey
  2. Dark Brown / Brown
  3. Taupe / Ash
  4. Auburn / Red
  5. Brunette
  6. Blonde
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

deets of the powder colors

deets of the powder colors

But this time for LA Girl Beauty Brick eyeshadow I was interested to try is the Nudes one, while for my eyebrow i chose NYX eyebrow with color Dark Brown / Brown.… Read More

MILANI PRIME SHIELD : Create Your Best Makeup Canvas

After nearly more than 2 weeks of no new posts, this time I made a post review of drugstore Face Prime : MILANI PRIME SHIELD (Face Primer Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing).

Milani Face Primer

Milani Face Primer

Milani has a wide range of products ranging from face primer, foundation, lipstick you name it, they got it for you. For Face Primer Milani issued 2 types :

1. Milani Prime Perfection (Face Primer Hydrating + Pore-Minimizing) for dry skin claims:

This face prime add radiance and a healthy-looking glow to your complexion while softening the look of fine lines, large pores and flaws. It also blends invisibly and maintains the skin’s moisture balance, the resulting in an illuminating and flawless finish

Milani Primer Perfection

Milani Primer Perfection

2.Read More

Review : The Phenomenal KYLIE COSMETICS

You guys will not believe it …

After a long long stalking too many (trusted) Online Shop, finally I got my Kylie LIP KIT.

Gooooooosssssssshhhhhh ,, it felt so gooooddddd … !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

As we all know, November 2015 Kylie Jenner had released her own brand of cosmetics called Kylie Cosmetics. At the first time, Kylie released three signature lip kit matte along with the lip liner. It offered a warmer nude color. They were Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown. And you will not believe, all the products out in a matter of minutes.… Read More

REVIEW: L’OREAL True Match Liquid Foundation

Another day another beauty.

I love trying new kind of foundation. The latest foundation that i bought was Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation. Internationally there are 23 shades of this. Range is quite a lot for a foundation. You can choose the shade based on your skin tone at here. But in my country, hmmm i guess less than 10 shades. So, I chose the G4-Golde Beige.

L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation

L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation

True match Liquid Foundation comes with a handy glass of bottle equipped with a pump and the cap. The packaging is very ergonomic, lovely and sleek.… Read More

Mizzu Eyeliner Review

“Smile. Your eyes sparkle when you do”

– Coco J. Ginger

Eyes are one part of the face that can not escape from makeup. Eyes framed beautifully will be sparkling. Some people even more focused about the eyes than the rest of the face. Because a wise man once said :

“The eyes are the window to the soul”

Besides eyeshadow, eyeliner is also a mandatory item in eye makeup. Even some people (including me) just use eyeliner without eyeshadow if you want to look simple and lightweight. Eyeliner can be used to reinforce the line the eye, so that when we do not use any eyeshadow, our eyes will keep pop-ups.… Read More

Be Young, Be Bold, Be (Glam)Glow : Part II

Like what i said in my previous post about Glamglow Cleanse, i also bought the mask. After using the cleanse, you definitely need to using the mask, at least once a week. 🙂

Especially after this long weekend. I went here and there, exposed my skin to the sun, get along with the dust. So, i need to treat my skin better. 🙂

Hello Sexy

Hello Sexy

The variant mask that i choose is Supermud Clearing Treatment. If you see the box you would think “it is pretty big”. Well apparently not. The contents of this regular jar is around 84gr.… Read More

Be Young, Be Bold, Be (Glam)Glow : Part I

These days i feel i’m quite productive in making a review. I am a proud newbie.
This time I would like to review a brand that become a holy grail for a lot of beauty bloggers. Yup it’s Glamglow.

PS : i am not a beauty blogger.

The phenomenal products of Glamglow are the masks and the cleansers. There are several variants of Glamglow mask and glamglow cleanser. You can check the full variant here . I bought the mask and the cleanser. Today i would like to review about the cleanse first, and soon about the mask. 🙂

I bought the cleanser at SOCIOLLA  (It comes with bioderma sample).… Read More

Acne NO More, Use WSCL SKII More

At the beginning of using skin care set from SKII, I bought a Trial Basic Package. One of its contents is Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (FTCL) toner. I do love this toner, but after some research, I learned that if you had acne and sensitive skin, you should use the Whitening Source Clear Lotion (WSCL). Well I guess I should try it. Cause google told me to. 😛

I bought WSCL in 215ml sizes. Slightly more expensive (around IDR 525K), but based on the experience if you bought a big size it is much more efficient (PS: of course if you already sure that the product is suitable for you).… Read More

DOSE of Color : Matte it girl

How many lipstick you owned but you never feel quite enough.. ?? I am. And who’s with me .. ?? 😛

Yup women are by nature to dress up and doll up. Full combat equipment seems to be a necessary things that must be owned by every woman. Moisturizer, primer, foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, blush last but not least LIPSTICK.

Various brands with a variety of products lipstick scattered everywhere. Even Kylie Jenner took out her own brand of lipstick which is always sold out within hours. Well one day we will get this Kylie Jenner lipkit. : P

But this time I want to review about one brand again held the fancy pants, Dose of Color.… Read More