Eyebrow : they are brothers, not twin (Milani Stay Put Brow Color)

There is a joke that crossed my mind every time i heard about drawing eyebrows.

Don’t do any harm to female’s eyebrows if you still want to live

Yup eyebrows for most women is soooo essential. You can’t go out of the house if your eyebrow doesn’t thick enough. Well, please be thankful for you who has a natural thick eyebrows, because you do not have to bother, put out more effort to take “how-to-drawing-your-eyebrows” classes 😛

There are so many products in the market that can be used to draw your amazing eyebrows. I did a products review called NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in previous posts.… Read More

Review : LA Girl Beauty Brick Nudes and NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Old man said:

Eyes are the window to the soul

So keep your eyes pop-up is a basic thing to do. Women like to coloring the face including the eyes. Eyeshadow and eyebrow are weapons for your eyes. Many types of eyeshadow and eyebrow that you can choose. Today eyeshadow with natural colors are more preferred, nearly all cosmetic brand issued a series of natural makeup from lipstick up to eyeshadow. LA Girl Beauty Brick is one of them. As for my eyebrow, I currently in love with a products from NYX which is NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.

LA Girl is actually issued four types of eyeshadow collection which are:

  1. Smoky
  2. Ultra
  3. Nudes
  4. Neons

While NYX issued 6 for eyebrow color variations which are:

  1. Black / Grey
  2. Dark Brown / Brown
  3. Taupe / Ash
  4. Auburn / Red
  5. Brunette
  6. Blonde

But this time for LA Girl Beauty Brick eyeshadow I was interested to try is the Nudes one, while for my eyebrow i chose NYX eyebrow with color Dark Brown / Brown.… Read More