Be Young, Be Bold, Be (Glam)Glow : Part II

Like what i said in my previous post about Glamglow Cleanse, i also bought the mask. After using the cleanse, you definitely need to using the mask, at least once a week. 🙂

Especially after this long weekend. I went here and there, exposed my skin to the sun, get along with the dust. So, i need to treat my skin better. 🙂

Hello Sexy

Hello Sexy

The variant mask that i choose is Supermud Clearing Treatment. If you see the box you would think “it is pretty big”. Well apparently not. The contents of this regular jar is around 84gr.… Read More

Be Young, Be Bold, Be (Glam)Glow : Part I

These days i feel i’m quite productive in making a review. I am a proud newbie.
This time I would like to review a brand that become a holy grail for a lot of beauty bloggers. Yup it’s Glamglow.

PS : i am not a beauty blogger.

The phenomenal products of Glamglow are the masks and the cleansers. There are several variants of Glamglow mask and glamglow cleanser. You can check the full variant here . I bought the mask and the cleanser. Today i would like to review about the cleanse first, and soon about the mask. 🙂

I bought the cleanser at SOCIOLLA  (It comes with bioderma sample).… Read More