REVIEW: L’OREAL True Match Liquid Foundation

Another day another beauty.

I love trying new kind of foundation. The latest foundation that i bought was Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation. Internationally there are 23 shades of this. Range is quite a lot for a foundation. You can choose the shade based on your skin tone at here. But in my country, hmmm i guess less than 10 shades. So, I chose the G4-Golde Beige.

L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation

L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation

True match Liquid Foundation comes with a handy glass of bottle equipped with a pump and the cap. The packaging is very ergonomic, lovely and sleek. You do not have to worry about the content of the foundation will come out accidentally. Yaayy for that 🙂

glass bottle with pump and cap

glass bottle with pump and cap

The texture is liquid and little bit creamy. Sometime almost watery if you not shake it before pumps. Very easy to be blend. Personally I chose to use a beauty blender instead of stipping brush. The coverage level is light to medium. It is okay for daily use, but if you want to have a full coverage look, then this one is not too suitable for you. L’oreal claimed :

Liquid foundation matches the color and texture of your skin and blends easily to create a natural-looking, flawless finish. Oil-free and non-comedogenic.

For flawless part of your face, the foundation blends so well, but not for area with a variety of problems (such as acne scars, eye bags, freckles)

liquid formula, easy to blend

liquid formula, easy to blend

After using it for couple days, it works just fine for me. The result is more satin than matte, with little of dewey finish. But it does not handle my oily T-zone well. After 3 hours of use my T-zone started greasy. But if you use loose powder for finishing, then your T-zone will be oil free for a little longer. Overall I think this is quite long lasting foundation, despite your T-zone.

the result with 2 layers (natural light)

the result with 2 layers (natural light)

If I must give rate for this True match Liquid Foundation then I give 2,5 of 5. For the same price (I bought for IDR 189K) I could get other foundation with more coverage and better durability (you can check Max Factor foundation for comparison). But for daily use lightweight I still chose L’Oreal’s True Match

So, is there any of you who are already using this foundation .. ???



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