Acne NO More, Use WSCL SKII More

At the beginning of using skin care set from SKII, I bought a Trial Basic Package. One of its contents is Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (FTCL) toner. I do love this toner, but after some research, I learned that if you had acne and sensitive skin, you should use the Whitening Source Clear Lotion (WSCL). Well I guess I should try it. Cause google told me to. ๐Ÿ˜›

I bought WSCL in 215ml sizes. Slightly more expensive (around IDR 525K), but based on the experience if you bought a big size it is much more efficient (PS: of course if you already sure that the product is suitable for you).

a bucket of Whitening Source Clear Lotion

a bucket of Whitening Source Clear Lotion

Compare to FTCL, which is so watery, this toner is more like gel-to-liquid texture. But how you use it, is the same way like you use FTCL. Just put 1-2 pumps (yes the bottle comes with the pump and the safety โ€œpinโ€..yeaayy..!!!) into cotton buds surface and rub gently over the entire face starting from forehead and nose. Proceed to the cheeks and neck. After using it, youโ€™ll know the differences between this WSCL and FTCL. This WSCL feels more soft and more gently to your skin, it calms your skin, and i bet it will calms your acne. Now i know why this one is recommended for acne and sensitive skin.

just pump about 2-3 pumps to your cosmetic cotton

just pump about 1-2 pumps to your cosmetic cotton

comes with safety lock

comes with safety lock

Here a further information, based on what i read on SEPHORA

“This advanced moisturizing and exfoliating formula helps to clarify your skin. The ultra-light lotion, the which contains an exclusive Derm complex, works to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface and hydrate skin, leaving skin clear and healthy.”

This advanced exfoliating lotion controls melanin production to help diminish the appearance of spots. Over time, your skin becomes brighter and more translucent

the beautiful WSCL

the beautiful WSCL

go get yourself one :)

go get yourself one ๐Ÿ™‚

See, that’s how WSCL work on your face. I have used it around over 2 weeks, and there’s no sign of problems. This SKII is really really good. Go get yourself once at SEPHORA or for my Indonesian fellas you can buy it at my favorite instagram online shop ELLEANDRA BEAUTY